Frequently Asked Questions

Our databases have the following data points;

Business Name Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Contact Name State Code City ZIP Code Street Address Phone Email Website Latitude Longitude Year Founded Num. of Employees Annual Revenue Directory Link

Please note that, not all records will include all data fields. (Some businesses do not have websites, contact name, etc.) You can use "Other Filters" section to include businesses only with certain data point has a value.

On the other hand, if you need more in depth data about a business, you can view this data from the directory link we provide in each business row. is our directory site which gives the most detailed business data in the United States.

What makes us different from other data providers is our data quality. We get the same company info from up to 6 different sources and merge them, so that our data accuracy is significantly higher. Yet, no one, nor we, can guarantee a 100% data accuracy in B2B data space, since the data is changing everyday. We do our best to keep our data complete, fresh and accurate as it can be.

We have a volume based pricing;

  • 0-10K records $0.01/business - min $39, max $80
  • 10K-100K records $0.008/business - max $500
  • 100K-1M records $0.005/business - max $1,500
  • 1M-10M records $0.0015/business - max $5,000
  • 10M+ records $0.0005/business

* All prices are USD and rates are for self-service downloads via this page.
* If you have a custom request, like data cleansing, appending, custom query, ... etc. we charge for final database row count and rates will be higher than self-service rates and are calculated according to the custom work we'll do.

We get our data using our unique technology, so we don't buy data and resell it. We work very efficiently, so our team is very small. Those are our strengths to lower our expenses, so that you can get an unbeatable price.

We offer the lowest prices in the industry for this kind of data. Usually, B2B data providers charge from $0.05 to $0.50 per lead for their old databases that they get from only 1 or rarely 2 sources. We, however, charge way less than those prices and use unique technology to crawl and unify business data from multiple sources.

You can securely pay with any major credit card or PayPal at the checkout page. Braintree Payments (PayPal) is our payment gateway partner for credit card processing.

If you provide us phone numbers or/and emails you already have, we can deliver businesses that you don't have. Please contact us for more details.

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