Let's face it

Building business lists is expensive. Data sellers buy from a source who buys from another source who buys from another... So, these data companies charge $1, $2 or even $5 per business! We are here to end this. We are doing it for as low as 0.25¢. Yes, quarter of a cent!

Crawl, Merge, Analyse...

Our technology crawls the data from various sources and unifies this data via special algorithms for best representation of a business' data online. We try our best to measure business data quality and transparently present it to our customers.

What we do?

Our main focus is local business data and marketing use of it. We provide business lists to B2B marketers, call centers and business owners. We also serve a comprehensive local business directory for public use.

We aim to expand our services in order to serve best in terms of usability, quality and reliability.